How to Use YouTube Trends to Grow Your Channel


YouTube search trends are a powerful tool for video creators to leverage. They can help you stay topical, generate views and increase your chances of appearing on the trending or homepage sections.

Identifying trends is possible by reviewing a variety of sources, such as comments on popular videos, social media and news articles.

1. Look at the comments

YouTube is filled with videos on all kinds of topics, from how to make slime to tips for growing your hair. YouTube search trends can tell you what people are searching for, which is useful for creating content that catches viewers’ attention and drives traffic to your videos.

You can find current YouTube trending videos on YouTube’s trending page, which shows the most popular videos on YouTube based on real-time data. The trending page includes a variety of categories, including “now,” music, gaming, and movies. You can also filter the page based on location and language to see only the trending videos in your area or audience.

Another way to find YouTube trending videos is by using a keyword tool, such as SEMrush. These tools will show you what keywords are currently trending on YouTube and provide you with ideas for video titles and descriptions. They can also help you create your own content to target those keywords.

Keeping up with YouTube trends is an ongoing process that can help you grow your channel. You need to keep producing new, relevant content and making sure your older videos are still performing well. The YouTube algorithm is a complex thing that relies on many factors, including video performance and keyword relevance. Creating videos that align with trends will help you stay on top of the algorithm, which is essential for growth.

2. Look at YouTube’s trending page

YouTube’s trending page is an easy way to see what videos are popular right now. It is found on the Explore tab of the homepage, or by clicking the Trending button in the left navigation bar. This page shows various videos, including music, gaming and movies, as well as other types of content such as sports highlights and news clips. You can also find videos in categories like 360 video and mukbang (a type of Korean-style video where people record themselves eating or playing games).

The trends that are shown on this page are determined by the algorithm. This means that if you create a video on a topic that is already popular, it will have a good chance of ranking highly on this page and also showing up on the home and suggested videos pages. This can be a great way to reach a new audience and boost your views.

However, it’s important to note that this list of trends isn’t personalized for you – the same videos will be shown to everyone across your country. So, it may be helpful to keep an eye on what’s trending on other social media platforms and news websites as well, to get a sense of what topics people are searching for.

For example, Glossier’s Olivia Rodrigo capitalized on the ‘finish the lyric’ trend on TikTok and Instagram by creating a longer version of it on YouTube, ensuring that their content is relevant to viewers on unique platforms.

3. Look at Google Trends

One of the most important things that YouTube creators can do to boost their search visibility is to look at trends. By knowing what people are searching for, you can create videos that answer those questions. This can help you grow your audience and attract new viewers.

You can do this by using Google Trends. This tool shows you the popularity of a search term over time—and even breaks it down by YouTube. It can help you find trends that are relevant to your channel and niche. You can also use third-party tools like VidIQ and Ahrefs to identify keywords that are popular on YouTube.

While Google Trends can be helpful, it’s essential to know what the data actually represents. For example, it can be misleading to see that a particular search term is rising in popularity when it may have peaked already. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Google Trends data can change rapidly, so you should always look for new insights.

By looking at YouTube trends, you can find video ideas that will capture the interest of your audience and drive more views. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance between trendy topics and evergreen content for long-term success. By staying informed and capitalizing on trends, you can build a loyal following and increase your YouTube subscriber count.

4. Look at social media

You can also look at trends on social media. This can be as simple as tracking hashtags and following influencers that relate to your channel’s niche. For example, a beauty channel can follow hashtags like #makeup and follow influential makeup artists to stay on top of trending topics. Social media monitoring tools can also help with this, as they provide the ability to track specific keywords and hashtags.

Another great way to keep on top of trending topics is by using YouTube’s Trending page. Here, you can see the most popular videos (including shorts) across YouTube based on the number of views and how fast they are growing. The page is divided by topic, so you can easily find a relevant topic to create a video for.

Google Trends can also show you search trends that are specific to YouTube. You can use these to identify which keywords are being searched on the platform and target them in your videos. You can also identify whether a keyword has been rising or falling in popularity, which is important as you might want to focus on a trend that is likely to be sustainable for the long term.

Finally, you can also monitor your competitors’ YouTube videos to see what kinds of content they are creating. This can give you a clue as to the types of videos that audiences are enjoying and can help you decide whether or not to create similar content on your own channel.

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